Thursday, August 14, 2008

Identity Theft

A love-at-first-sight chance meeting leads to romance, marriage and a child. Then, their blissful world is shattered by their child's tragic death. As their relationship crumbles from the overwhelming grief, blame and guilt, a final desperate act offers a hidden path toward renewal!

[Original screenplay, 110 pgs, WGA Registered]

© 2008 by Legrand McMullen

Bad Signs

Invited to a weekend barbecue in the country, three fun-loving friends agree to a last minute favor. On the road, they unknowingly detour into the violent underworld of drug gangs, betrayal and murder that plunges them headlong toward a treacherous destination!

[Original screenplay, 105 pgs, WGA Registered]

© 2008 by Legrand McMullen